COMFI Breathable Sleeping Pad with Swaddle Wrap

The Easiest Way to Swaddle Your Baby

COMFI Breathable Swaddle Wrap – All-rounded Care

Keep the newborn safe

Give the new parent a sense of security

Bring the unexperienced baby holder a sense of ease


COMFI Breathable Swaddle Wrap is safe, comfortable and clean!

The pure cotton wrap is perfectly matched with COMFI 3D breathing materials. It offers super care to the newborn with softness, comfort and breathability for airy condition.

It carries around the newborn safe and sound.

It cradles the newborn in dry-fit condition with washable materials.

It is easy for new parent to hold the baby tight or hand it over to others effortlessly. The hand-held strap also fastens the wrap in position.


Suitable to 0 - 6 months

Dimension: 30*65cm


Outer layer -100% Cotton

Inner layer -100% Polyester


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